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Changes-Why How What

Some of the changes we have already begun. It starts with the Why? Followed by the How? and What does this look like?

Videos below Simon Sineks Talk: 

1) Simon Sinek: It all starts with the Why.

These are followed by two examples of change which shows the progress of how things have changed.

Futurist Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard on the future  as well as the future of education.

The last video is based around the NSW Department of Education Centre for Statistics and Education  (CESE) updated What Works Best Framework.



It is an exciting time to be leading a school, I am looking forward to implementing the 2021-2024 School Plan with the Fern Bay community as well as the and will be working through this with staff, students and parents to help determine the priority areas as well as celebrate the milestones that we will achieve.  

As with any change of leadership inevitably comes change. My philosophy when making any major educational change is to ask how will this improve our students learning?  I am a strong advocate of the Simon Sinek model, which starts with asking why are we doing this? This will lead to how can we improve this current practice? Lastly it finishes with what does this look like?

Further information about Simon Sinek can be found at:

Look at how change has occurred in our society since 1950.

The example below shows the F1 Racing Car Industry.