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Principal's welcome

For those I have yet to meet, my name is Drew Janetzki and I am the proud Principal of Fern Bay Public School. 

Since I began as the Principal one of my key objectives is to change thinking and improve practice for all staff and students.

Hence #changeatfernbayps

Since mid-2015 we have been a very small school, however we are now expanding and are on the verge of becoming a bigger school. Why?  We value all of our students and families and work tirelessly everyday to improve all of our students learning outcomes.

This growth mindset is why we have continued to grow. When your child attends Fern Bay Public School we enter into a relationship so that your child can reach their full potential. 

Our 2021-2024 School Vision is that we aim to provide high-quality inclusive educational experiences and a diverse range of opportunities for improving learning and wellbeing for our students.


It has been an exciting journey since I began halfway through 2015 with only 27 students, since then we have continued to grow and the staff have joined our journey to continue with our school values which is respect, responsibility and inclusiveness.  

As we commence 2021 and the start of our  2021-2024 School  Our school has grown with increasing confidence from our local school community.

Fern Bay Public School student population was nearly 140 students commencing 2021. That has been an increase of over 500% of student numbers since the start of 2016!

There are many things planned for the Fern Bay Public School community including the commencement of a new classroom building upgrade.

All of our changes are based around what is the best learning environment we can create for the students of Fern Bay PS. 

I am extremely proud to lead your school during this exciting time for public education and look forward to working closely with the Fern Bay Public School community to ensure Fern Bay Public School continues to be the centre of learning for all students in our community. 

Stay up to date with our socials via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as the school newsletter, Seesaw  &  SZapp.

My motivation is to constantly improve. I look forward to meeting and leading our school towards the journey of school excellence against the School Excellence Framework. Most importantly I want to ensure that we can work together to give your child the best chance to succeed. 

Below are some thought-provoking videos of why change is needed.

It is an exciting time to be leading a school, I am looking forward to implementing the 2021-2024 School Plan with the Fern Bay community as well as the and will be working through this with staff, students and parents to help determine the priority areas as well the milestones that have already been achieved. 

 As you would or should know, the school plan is based around three priority areas. 

Our three Strategic Directions include: 

1) Student Growth and Attainment:

Purpose: To improve student learning outcomes for all students in reading and numeracy through evidence-based practices.

2) Data-Informed practice:

Purpose: To use data to shift and improve student learning outcomes as well as ensure the effective use of data will improve individual and collective teaching practice and allow the opportunity to evaluate the impact of improvement measures

3) Explicit teaching through evidence-based practices:

Purpose: To embed a whole-school approach to explicit teaching to optimise learning progress for all students.

We look forward to working together to reach School Excellence.

Find out more about  School Excellence in Action

My philosophy when making any major educational change is to ask how will this improve our students learning?  I am a strong advocate of the Simon Sinek model, which starts with asking why are we doing this? This will lead to how can we improve this current practice? Lastly, it finishes with what does this look like?

Further information about Simon Sinek can be found at:

As your Principal I constantly be ask a lot of why questions. I will be then asking how things can improve at Fern Bay PS?  This will be followed with what does this look like?  Changes-Why? How? What? page shows just some changes that I have listened so far with staff to implement change:

I am looking forward to sharing and updating changes that are being implemented as I listen to the students, teachers, parents/caregivers as well as the community at Fern Bay PS.

It takes a whole community to raise a successful child.

I am looking forward to the future, let's try and prepare our students to be ready for an ever changing  modern world.

I am also looking forward to implementing change and ensuring I keep everyone informed as to why change is necessary. 

I look forward to working with everyone on this exciting journey! I look forward to meeting you and working towards improving your child's learning. 


Kind regards

Drew Janetzki 

(Principal Fern Bay PS)

Twitter: @drewjanetzki

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