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Information about Fern Bay Public School

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I've heard the school is growing, is there the space to expand?

Our school has plenty of spare land to cater for increasing student numbers and buildings, without restricting their access to space for play and sport.

2.  How will my child go in a composite class?

This The Sydney Morning Herald article neatly summarises the 'composite class' debate

All of our teachers are very experienced in teaching composite classes.  We focus on quality teaching methods and individualised learning that is matched to your child's age, ability and potential.  Our teachers pride themselves on knowing where every child sits on their learning journey and are able to provide extra assistance where it is needed, as well as extending those students who are already meeting the benchmark. 

3.  Does the school participate in sports carnivals?

We combine with other small schools for athletics and swimming carnivals, which also allows students to progress to zone level competition and beyond.  We also participle in the small school's soccer competition which gives both the boys and girls a chance to try out a team sport. We also participate in the zone Athletics and Swimming Carnival if our students make the qualifying time. 

4.  Does the school do any other sport?

We host a number of formal sporting programs run by professionals throughout the year which are at no cost to parents.  These include bicycle skills and safety, ANZ tennis hotshots, basketball and Milo in2cricket.  Each year we participate in tennis and every child receives a free tennis racquet, cricket bat and ball and for some, the bicycle lessons allowed them to transition off their training wheels. For additional variety, the students have had Zumba lessons for a term (minimal cost).  The school has plenty of sporting equipment which allows students as well to play tennis, basketball, soccer and cricket during lunchtime.  We are just about to obtain a tennis ball machine that our school students can access at lunch time.

5.  Does the school have many facilities?

We have an excellent all-weather soccer field, two playgrounds, a half court basketball court and access to two tennis courts and another brand new playground adjacent to the school.  We have a high computer to student ratio which allows students to participate in online learning each day.  

6. Can my child catch the bus to and from school?

NSW Government school buses collect students on Fullerton Cove Road and inside the Seaside Estate at the intersection of Seaside Boulevarde and Ironbark Drive.  The bus drops the students directly outside our front gate.  In the afternoon, our staff supervise the students onto the bus for their return journey with the bus stopping at the same bus stops as in the morning.  This is provided free under the School Opal card system.  

7. What about cultural activities and excursions?

Under the leadership of our new Principal  we are now combining with many other schools now and into the future to give all of our students a rich learning experiences. 

We value positive relationships with all of our students using PBL. (Positive Behaviour for Learning) We are a Respectful, Responsible and Inclusive School.

We are also seeking out expertise within our community that will always benefit all our students educational experience.  Join us: